Thursday – into the sea!

Thursday saw the majority of our divers progress into the sea at beautiful Porthkerris Divers. Every single student was amazing, behaviour was incredible and so many people got into the sea and under the water. Andy and his amazing Dive Project Cornwall team have been superb from start to finish, and every member went the extra mile to ensure lots of diving took place. Between dives, snorkelling and paddles the site shop and snack bar did excellent trade!


The water was a bit chilly and I didn’t see fish but its okay cause there was a devious crab (other people saw fish though). Darren is an absolute G. So are Ryan, Mike, Hayden, Jowen, Jo (the shop lady with nice ice cream), Gregg, Andy, Miguel Hartley, Peaky and Mrs Hawley.

Charlie fully deserved everything.


I didn’t go in the water other than getting my toes soggy on the beach but it was a very entertaining experience and was jolly making fun of everyone else diving. Tent.


Due to a cold, I was unable to dive any deeper than 1 meter in the ocean. However the experience was incredible as we have done many activities, met many people and sang a lot of Katy Perry and Oasis. Also the lovely diving instructors who Lilly has listed above have allowed for my continued training back in Cheltenham to finish my course. Dive Project Cornwall was a great experience and one I would recommend.


I was able to scuba dive just over four metres down, and I was able to see all sorts of marine life like different sorts of fishes and crabs. One of my favourite parts of the week was in the pool and chilling at the bottom of the deep end, and well as the two dives in the sea that we did.

Charlie did not stop talking about seagrass.



I have been asked to explain the backstory of “burger”. Once upon a time, Mr Peake (Peaky) thought it was a good idea to get a summary of everyone’s first day at the dive project. Many groups said things praising the journey and the weather however, Things took a turn with Charlie and Luca. I misheard Charlie asking what we should write and I thought he said “burger or sausage” so I said “burger”. This lead to “burger” being written in the book and thus the “burger saga” had begun.


There were some students that were unable to scuba dive but at the end of the day we went for a snorkel in the sea (although I got dragged into it).


I got a free week off school and got chased by a crab. I also dug a hole.


The water was wet and the crabs were spiky, it was also pretty cold and sandy.


I didn’t do much diving, but I still loved the experience of the whole trip.


I did the pool dives 1 and 2 and enjoyed the experience of the dives. The lesson’s pace should be slower and there should be more time to do the pool dives before the instructor properly assessed the diver.


I enjoyed the last dive in the sea because the first time we went in we went slowly and we did a few skills which was very fun, the second dive we did in the sea was a bit quicker and we managed to see a lot more animals and interesting things that were in the sea. The dive project team have been amazing and if I had the chance I would definitely do it again.


Food was great, water was wet, weather was very inconsistent, but week was an amazing experience overall.


Dives were great. Underwater was very exciting and there was a crab.


I loved the sea dives, I almost got attacked by a crab. It was very fun and the food was scrumdiddlyumptious.


I found the dive quite exhilarating, the underwater adventure was very fantastic, I saw so many sea creatures; crabs, fish and my personal favourite starfish.We also looked at different types of planktons my personal favourite is the settling down its had a star like body. I do recommend to others to dive. Do it.

Carmel (Caramel)

Diving is fun. I saw crabs in the sea. It cool. I enjoyed the experience.


I enjoyed the dive because I got to see all the cool animals: like fish, anemone and massive crabs. it was extremely fun. The bloop bloops were really cool.


Save the fishies.


The diving was an amazing opportunity for us, one I don’t think any of us would have had otherwise. Thanks to the dive team, and especially Andy, who helped with my mask problem in the sea, but the castaway jokes were horribly un-original.


Dive Project Cornwall was a wonderful and surreal experience I have been very fortunate to be able to come there.

Joshua Thomas Watson The First The Last The Great

What a week its been. The longest but best week of work I’ve ever had, and I can honestly say I’ve loved every minute.

These kids have been a credit to you all. I’ve had the pleasure of watching each and every one of them grow and overcome so many different challenges. Its 100% been the highlight of my career. We should all be incredibly proud of these young people, we’ve had tears and laughter and so much fun. It will be very strange to leave tomorrow as The Dive Project Family have made us feel so welcome. Its a truly inspirational place, with an exceptional team. I can’t wait to come again . Thank you everyone its been a blast.

Mrs Hawley ( Camp Mum !!)

Whenever people ask me why I enjoy being a teacher I am reminded of moments like this. To take 20 fifteen year olds camping for a week is a rollercoaster of emotions. To see these amazing young people develop over a week-long adventure is inspiring and has built everlasting memories for them and the adults involved. What a wonderful group of individuals they are. Dive Project Cornwall magnifies why it is important to develop young minds outside the classroom and give them experiences that will shape their lives forever. The staff have been moved by what we have witnessed our young people achieve. It has been an emotional journey for all involved. We must do this again and offer experiences like this to as many as we can. What an incredible week, thank you to Dive Project Cornwall for making this a trip of a lifetime!

Mr Hartley – San Miguel 🙂

When I saw the initial Dive Project Cornwall publicity I knew we had to go for it. But we couldn’t have achieved anything without the incredible buy-in from our amazing students. The energy involved in building Whalebur, writing the essay and filming the video set the scene for an incredible week at Porthkerris. This week has been truly inspirational and we have seen our young people develop in so many ways. It’s not just about diving, it’s about living together, getting on, facing challenges and overcoming fears. Dive Team Cleeve are amazing – just like the outstanding staff at the project, and of course Emma Hawley and Michael Hartley. Thanks so much to everyone at Dive Project Cornwall for an experience I shall remember forever. These young people are en route to an unbelievable future.

Mr Peake – Peakey

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