These FAQs are provided by Dive Project Cornwall.

Q: What are the arrival and departure times at Dive Project Cornwall, Porthkerris? 

A: Arrival on the Sunday is 4-5pm, and departure on the Saturday at 10am after breakfast.

Q: Is transport included?

A: No, sorry transport is not included – it is the only cost to the school; to get the students to Cornwall and back. There is parking space for a school minibus on site during the week. Please note you will need a vehicle on site, in case you need to move the students between sites or in the case of a medical issue. 

Q: How many staff members are needed?

A: Each school must send at least three teachers (if you wish to send more there is a standard charge per teacher – please get in touch for more details)

Q: Are the teachers able to learn to dive alongside the students?

A: Currently this is not possible due to the ratio of dive instructors to teachers.

Q: What happens in the case of bad weather

A: Rain will not affect the diving schedule. Wind and swell do, so we have a secondary diving site, a thirty minute drive away, at Mullion Cove if conditions are not favourable at Porthkerris. We would expect the school transport to move the students between the two sites in this eventuality.

Q: What is the ratio of dive instructors to students?

A. Pool sessions: 2-3 instructors to every 5 students Sea sessions: 2-3 instructors to every 5 students

Q: Who are the trained first aiders on site?

A: One of the teachers from each school must be a First Aid Responder. All of our dive instructors are also First Aid Responders and trained rescue divers.