Course Schedule

Pool and Sea Skills Sessions

The students will be split into groups of five for the week’s diving, with each group having one day out of the water during the week. Here they will learn dive skills vital for safe diving.

There is an onsite pool where the first lessons and skills sessions will take place over the first part of the week. We have been allocated a part of the beach where shore diving will take place once the students pass the first skills tests in the pool.

Diving is weather dependent, and every effort will be made to complete the Open Water course during the stay. However, Dive Project Cornwall reserves the right to cancel, at short notice, a scheduled dive week in the event of adverse weather being forecast. 

If the week goes ahead and is then impacted by adverse weather conditions, for the safety of participants and dive instructors, Dive Project Cornwall reserves the right to finish the week early. 

Finally, high winds may prevent participants from taking part in ocean dives. This will be assessed throughout the week and ocean dives may need to be cancelled if there is a perceived threat to safety. Provisions can be made for children to return to complete their Open Water course, but this will be an extra cost to each child or their education facility.

Schedule of Other Activities When Not Diving

In the breaks between the students learning and practising their PADI Open Water Diving skills, there will also be dive theory and knowledge reviews, lectures from our partners, the Marine Conservation Society & Falmouth Marine School with the emphasis on outdoors experiences. By the end of the week the students will be open water divers, enthusiastic Ocean Influencers, and confident in the outdoors.

Dive Project Cornwall will send you a schedule prior to arriving and there will also be one in your welcome pack on arrival. Some of the non-water activities the students will take part in are; orienteering, beach cleans, ocean quiz. 

There will also be interactive lessons in marine conservation, plus guest speakers from The Marine Conservation Society and Falmouth Marine School, part of Cornwall College.

During the week each group will spend time working on a presentation about “What it means to be an Ocean Influencer” using knowledge from what they have learnt during the experience. This will be presented on the last night at the awards BBQ. 

This is an opportunity for the students to start their journeys as ‘Ocean Influencers’ and present what they have learnt when they return to school.