Friday – Coverack and Kennack Sands

The winds were unfavourable for novice divers on Friday, so we took the minibuses down to the port of Coverack and then to the beach at Kennack Sands. We even decided to let people wake up at their own pace, leading to some late starts.

Coverack is a beautiful little village with a tiny harbour and amazing chip shop! We treated everyone to chips, which were consumed whilst chilling by the harbour wall. The RNLI shop did good trade, and everyone took time to relax and chat.

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We then left for the beach at Kennack Sands. This is a beautiful location where our young people could spread out in a safe environment. The rock pools were incredibly popular, especially after the Marine Conservation Society visit on Tuesday.

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In the evening, there was a short prizegiving. Everyone got their certificates, but before that our amazing students all stood up and explained the posters they had made. This was an incredible moment with many young people smashing through their anxiety and speaking up. Well done everyone!

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